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"Access to the sanctuary is granted exclusively on private premises, with each tour limited to one session."


"Welcome to Florida Madagascar Exotic Zoo, where unforgettable adventures await. Immerse yourself in unique zoo experiences, connecting with diverse animals.

Explore, engage, and indulge in our petting zoo."

Florida Madagascar Exotic Zoo

Private Tour : 

Private tour, guests can enjoy up-close encounters and hands-on interactions with a range of animals, from exotic reptiles and birds to friendly mammals

Mobile Zoo Event : 

A traveling exhibit that brings a variety of live animals to different locations, such as schools, birthday parties, corporate events, and community fairs 

Florida Madagascar Exotic Zoo and Sanctuary

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States 33411


Host an Event : 

Host an event on the Zoo property, special occasions such as birthdays, family gatherings, or unique educational opportunities, offering a memorable and unique adventure simply contact the zoo to discuss your event details and preferences

Collection of Species
from around the globe

Florida Madagascar Exotic Zoo Sanctuary extensive array of diverse and captivating animal species

We are dedicated to bridging people and nature through curated experiences. Our mission: to inspire deeper connections and appreciation for our planet's diverse creatures.


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